A class action lawsuit has been filed against ExxonMobil after the company’s Baton Rouge refinery delivered 5 million gallons of “atypical” gasoline to Louisiana pumps, “causing harm to engines of up to 250,000 vehicles,” according to the complaint.

Lead plaintiff James Smith claims in the lawsuit that “Exxon has apologized for the damage its defective product has caused, but has not released the details of the defect, or the location of the sale of the defective and dangerous fuel,” the Courthouse News Service said.

The complaint alleges defective fuel was distributed to retailers “in and around south Louisiana” from April, 1, 2013 to April 1 this year.

Exxon has told news agencies that 120,000 barrels, or 5,040,000 gallons, of gasoline were ‘identified as atypical’ and causing harm to gasoline engines of up to 250,000 vehicles,” according to the lawsuit.

The complaint said “reports have surfaced of damaged vehicles in Lafayette, New Orleans, and Slidell as well.”

Lead plaintiff Smith seeks class certification and damages for negligence.


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