Permit applications approved by the Texas Railroad Commission for March 27 through April 2 for Districts 7C, 8 and 8A. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of permits approved for that leasehold:

Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC, Wheat Trust 1-52, Loving, New Drill (2); Davis 34-169 Unit 1, Ward, New Drill (2).

Apache Corporation, Nichols, Glasscock, New Drill (2); McDougle 9, Howard, New Drill; Spike S Unit, Irion, New Drill; Chance 24, Howard, New Drill; Parrot 11, Howard, New Drill; Bell 22, Glasscock, New Drill.

Athlon Holdings LP, Raider 3, Howard, New Drill; Haney 47, Howard, New Drill.
Atlantic Operating Inc., Polar, Loving, New Drill.

B & R Oil Inc., Williamson, Ector, Re-enter.

Banner Operating LLC, Livingston, Tom Green, New Drill.

BASA Resources, Inc., Foster, Mary Acct. #2, Mitchell, Recompletion.

Berry Oil Comp., Gardendale 7, Ector, New Drill; Gardendale 10, Ector, New Drill.

Big Star Oil & Gas LLC, Iden 25, Howard, New Drill.

Breitburn Operating LP, Wearner 38, Martin, New Drill.

Brigham Resources Operating LLC, Crockett 311, Reeves, New Drill.

Bright & Co., Poteet 60, Crane, New Drill.

Broad Oak Energy II LLC, Farmar A, Irion, New Drill; Farmar B, Irion, New Drill (2).

Burnett Oil Co. Inc., McKnight Sand Hills Unit, Crane, New Drill.

Callon Petroleum Operating Co., University 26-35, Reagan, New Drill; Neal, Upton, New Drill (2).

Capstone Natural Resources LLC, Deford, R.K., Andrews, New Drill.

Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Lupin TXL Fee, Midland, New Drill (9).

Cimarex Energy Co., Airfield, Hockley, New Drill; University 18-27, Ward, New Drill.

COG Operating LLC, Sugg 3072, Irion, New Drill; Sugg 26, Irion, New Drill; Marjorie, Upton, New Drill; Sugg 3059, Irion, New Drill.

ConocoPhillips Company, Hogan, Ector, Field Transfer; Embar -B-, Andrews, New Drill (4); El Jefe WC, Reeves, New Drill.

CR3 Operating Company LLC, Adair 1592, Terry, New Drill.

CrownQuest Operating LLC, Baker 6, Martin, New Drill; Nail Ranch 28, Martin, New Drill (2).

Des Desert Energy Services LLC, Hwy 158 Brine, Midland, New Drill.

Devon Energy Production Co. LP, Darling North A, Upton, New Drill.

Diamondback E&P LLC, Gridiron, Midland, New Drill (2); ST W, Midland, New Drill; WHL, Ector, New Drill.

Eagle Energy Acquisitions LP, University 14-7, Martin, New Drill.

Endeavor Energy Resources LP, Lange Farms ‘7’, Glasscock, Recompletion; University ‘AH’, Upton, Recompletion; Bayes ‘4A’, Martin, New Drill; Stephens Fee ‘6’, Midland, New Drill.

Energen Resources Corporation, San Saba NS 37-48, Glasscock, New Drill (2).

Enrich Oil Corporation, Caroline, Runnels, New Drill.

EOG Resources, Inc., University 09B, Reagan, New Drill.

EXCO/HGI JV Assets LLC, Sugg ‘1910’, Irion, Recompletion; Sugg ‘7A’, Irion, Recompletion.

EXL Petroleum LP, Sue State, Reeves, New Drill.

Fasken Oil and Ranch Ltd., Fee ‘BH’ WSW, Midland, Re-enter.

FIML Natural Resources, LLC, Antelope Draw A, Irion, New Drill (2).

Fivestones Energy LLC, WTAMU University, Andrews, New Drill.

Forge Energy LLC, UL 13 Nashua, Andrews, New Drill.

H.P. Slagel Producing Co. LLC, E. House, Scurry, Recompletion.

Halliburton Operating Company, Mabel, Dickens, New Drill.

Hess Corporation, Seminole San Andres Unit, Gaines, New Drill (2).

Hunt Oil Company, V.T. Amacker 78, Upton, Recompletion.

ICA Energy Operating LLC, ICA University 37, Andrews, New Drill.

Juno Operating Company II LLC, Clark Wood Ranch, Crosby, New Drill.

Kinder Morgan Production Co. LLC, Kinder Morgan Bergen, Gaines, New Drill (13).

Laredo Petroleum Inc., Griffith-B-, Reagan, New Drill; Lane Trust-D-, Reagan, New Drill; E Glass C – E Glass D (Alloc), Reagan, New Drill.

Legacy Reserves Operating LP, Lowe, M.R. 6, Andrews, New Drill; Bitler-Lowe -B-, Andrews, New Drill.

Linn Operating Inc., Nobles, Midland, New Drill; Jake, Ector, New Drill.

Memorial Production Operating LLC, Dennis, Hockley, New Drill.

Merit Energy Company, Susie B. Snyder, Howard, Recompletion.

Occidental Permian Ltd., Yoakum Wasson Clearfork Unit, Yoakum, New Drill (11); Denver Unit, Yoakum, New Drill (3).

OXY USA Inc., UniversityCasey, Andrews, Recompletion; Mabee 139, Martin, New Drill (4).

OXY USA WTP LP, Merchant, Reagan, New Drill (2).

Parsley Energy Operations LLC, Char Hughes, Reagan, New Drill; Davidson 12A, Upton, New Drill.

Pioneer Natural Resources USA Inc., Dickenson, O. ‘A’, Martin, New Drill; XBC Giddings Estate, Upton, New Drill (4); XBC Giddings Estate E, Upton, New Drill; XBC Giddings Estate F, Upton, New Drill; XBC Giddings Estate G, Upton, New Drill; XBC Giddings Estate J, Upton, New Drill; University 7-38, Andrews, New Drill (2); King D, Midland, New Drill; Donald L Hutt E, Midland, New Drill (3); Donald L Hutt C, Midland, New Drill (3).

PPC Operating Company LLC, Canon Ranch Unit, Borden, New Drill.

Primexx Operating Corporation, Campbell, Reeves, New Drill; Shifflett State, Reeves, New Drill.

QEP Energy Company, Mabee J, Martin, New Drill.

Quantum Resources Management LLC, Ford, W.T., Andrews, Recompletion; Gray, Columbus, Andrews, Recompletion.

Range Production Company, Edmondson A, Glasscock, Field Transfer.

RKI Exploration & Production LLC, CBR 32, Loving, New Drill (2).

Rocker A Operating Company, McCrary ‘C’, Garza, Recompletion.

RSP Permian LLC, Bus Barn, Midland, New Drill (3).

SandRidge Exploration and Production LLC, Lockhart, Andrews, New Drill; University 13-39, Andrews, New Drill.

Sharp Image Energy Inc., Double Mountain 56-12, Kent, New Drill.

Sheridan Production Company LLC, Goldsmith Adobe Unit, Ector, New Drill; CVX 1, Ector, Recompletion (2); Fuhrman B, Andrews, New Drill.

SM Energy Company, Britain, Upton, New Drill.

Stanolind Operating LLC, Harral ‘A’, Pecos, New Drill.

Steller Energy & Investment Corp., Stewart, Reed, Sterling, New Drill.

Tall City Operations LLC, University SR 23-26, Reagan, New Drill.

Tema Oil and Gas Company, Z&T 42, Loving, New Drill; Hirsch SWD, Upton, New Drill (2).

Unitex Oil & Gas LLC, Ellis-Gray Unit, Scurry, New Drill (3).

W&T Offshore Inc., University 6-3, Gaines, New Drill; University 7-19, Andrews, Recompletion; University 6-38, Andrews, New Drill; University 6-28A, Martin, New Drill; University 6-44A, Martin, New Drill.

XTO Energy Inc., La Escalera, Pecos, New Drill; Goldsmith, C.A., et al., Ector, New Drill (5).

Source: Texas Railroad Commission


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