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The chart from WPX Energy’s (WPX) presentation provides a performance summary for wells drilled in the Middle Bakken formation in North Dakota that were put on first sales after January 1, 2011.

It shows average cumulative production per well for 1-year and 2-year periods by operator. The well samples include only “long” wells (laterals of 5,000 feet or greater).

Production data is through year-end 2013.

Among publicly traded operators, WPX, Kodiak (KOG) and Statoil (STO) had peer leading well performance.

Oil majors and superindependents – including Occidental Petroleum (OXY), Marathon Oil (MRO) and ExxonMobil (XOM)  – trail in the ranking with some of the weakest results in the peer group.

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Source: Seeking Alpha


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