Angola LNG plant at Soyo

The Chevron-lead Angola LNG export project will not resume production until mid-2015 following a pipeline rupture that forced the plant to shut down, according to a spokesman from the project.

“Following investigation into the incident that took place at the plant in Soyo on 10 April 2014, Angola LNG will pull forward a planned shutdown to allow its contractor Bechtel to both correct items from the incident and – in parallel – address plant capacity issues,” the spokesman said.

He added that the anticipated restart date for the plant is be mid-2015.


  1. Who is responsible for this biggest failure in LNG projects’ history? The contractor or the owner companies or the Angolian government.

    In the last ten years, we have seen huge spending and exaggerated costs in LNG projects around the globe but with very low quality plants. I expect to see the same outcome in Australian LNG projects.!!!

    Skills of staff and the recruitment process require to be investigated and reviewed.

    Anti -Corruption committee authorized by lenders banks should investigate LNG projects in the last 10 years around the globe.

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