Clean up crews at Red Butte Creek in 2012.

The EPA announced a settlement on Monday with the Chevron Pipe Line Company for oil spills in Utah.

Chevron will pay a $875,000 civil penalty for Clean Water Act violations for a spills that occurred on June 11, 2010 and Match 18, 2013.

In  2010, 800 barrels of oil leaked into Red Butte Creek in Salt Lake City.

The 2013 spill was the result of a pipeline break that released 499 barrels of diesel fuel into a creek on Willard Bay State Park lands.

Walt Baker, director of the Utah Division of Water Quality, said, “We were aware that the EPA and Chevron were discussing a settlement, but we have had no involvement. It looks like the EPA has finally tied a bow around it and lumped them together.”

The fine will not be sent to Utah, but will be deposited in the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.

The fund is used by federal agencies to respond to oil spills.


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