J. Paul Getty

1. “The meek shall inherit the earth, but not its mineral rights.”

– J. Paul Getty


2. “Don’t blame the marketing department. The buck stops with the chief executive.”

– John D. Rockefeller


3. “Prospecting for oil is a dynamic art… The greatest single element in all prospecting, past, present and future, is the man willing to take a chance”

– Everette DeGolyer


4. “Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.”

– J. Paul Getty


5. “We drilled in the right place – we were simply 30 million years too late”

– Richard Bray, President of Standard Oil of Ohio in 1983


6. “Courage, determination, and hard work are all very nice, but not so nice as an oil well in the back yard.”

– Mason Cooley


7. “Gold is where you find it, according to an old adage, but judging from the record of our experience, oil must be sought first of all in our minds.”

– Wallace Pratt


8. “There is no free market for oil.”

– T. Boone Pickens


9. “We’re running out of oil!”

– Harold Ickes, US Secretary of the Interior, 1943


10. “Let me tell you something that we Israelis have against Moses. He took us 40 years through the desert in order to bring us to the one spot in the Middle East that has no oil!”

– Golda Meir, Prime Minister of Israel 1969-1974


11. “The oil can is mightier than the sword.”

– Everett Dirksen, U.S. Senator 1896-1969




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