The Mississippi supreme court ruled Thursday that Exxon Mobil Corp. isn’t responsible for alligators overrunning a rural dump site it owns in Mississippi.

A family that felt menaced by alligators infesting land next to their 35-acre property filed a lawsuit in 2008 against Exxon.

But the supreme court affirmed a lower court decision in Exxon’s favor.

The decision said the family couldn’t prove where the gators first came from, according to Justice Ann Lamar, writing for the 5-4 majority.

“The court ruled the alligators — which numbered 84 when the state’s wildlife agency counted them in 2007 — were wild animals and, as such, not under Exxon’s control,” Bloomberg said.

“Even if Exxon had wanted to cull the congregation, it would have been prevented by state law that designates alligators as a protected species, making it illegal to hunt or disturb them, according to the ruling.”


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