Former FBI Director Louis Freeh

A federal judge Tuesday ordered a claimant allegedly involved in fraud on the BP oil spill settlement fund to return a $357,000 payment.

Casey C. Thonn had filed a shrimping claim.

Last July, former FBI director Louis Freeh was appointed to investigate alleged wrongdoing in the multi-billion dollar settlement program.

He asked the court in January to rescind the payment to Thonn because of false documents and misrepresentation of his 2009 shrimping income, the Times Picayune said.

U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier said Thonn must repay the full $357,000.

The judge also ordered Thonn’s lawyers to return any fees they collected in the case.

The lawyers aren’t accused of any wrongdoing.

“The lawyers named in the court filings are Lionel “Tiger” Sutton III, a former staff member under claims administrator Patrick Juneau whose resignation prompted the investigation, and Jonathan Andry and Glen Lerner, partners in AndryLerner of New Orleans,” the Times Picayune said.

Court filings showed that Sutton received about $35,700 from the payment awarded to Thonn.

A September 2013 report by Freeh “accused Andry and Lerner of using their relationship with Sutton to advance their client’s claims as well as a $7.8 million claim filed by Andry himself,” the Times Picayune said.


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