Image courtesy of Petronas

A worker on a Malaysian oil rig rescued a Thai fisherman Saturday who had fallen off a boat seven hours earlier.

The man fell into the water 80 miles off the coast of Kuala Terengganu in northern Malaysia.

The victim — Tok Saphon Samechit, 32, — reportedly fell overboard at about 4 am while relieving himself over the side of the boat, the Malay Mail reported.

He swam for seven hours towards an oil rig after seeing a distant light.

He screamed for help when he got near the rig but lost consciousness while still in the water.

“An oil rig worker found him in a weakened state at approximately 4.15 pm on Saturday,” the report said.

After being lifted to the rig, the victim was taken ashore by the Malaysian coast guard and transported to a local hospital.


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