Terje Aasland, Labour Party MP

The parliament of Norway announced on Friday it will try to force oil rigs in a large area of the North Sea to use electricity delivered from onshore power stations.

The move is an effort to improve the environmental impact of offshore rigs, but could push up costs and delay projects.

The requirement would affect some of Norway’s biggest exploration projects in the Utsira High area.

Labour Party MP Terje Aasland told a news conference. “We’re telling the government to demand a comprehensive solution that will encompass the area’s full need for power. We’re completely certain this can happen without causing delays.”

Hydro generators provide around 99 percent of Norway’s onshore power.

Oil platforms mostly burn diesel and gas to generate electricity.

Statoil had said earlier such a move could delay its Sverdrup project by a year and increase costs by $3.4 billion.


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