Hilde-Marit Rysst (Image courtesy of SAFE)

Norwegian oil workers have threatened a strike that would shut two ExxonMobil fields in the North Sea next month if talks over pensions break down, labour union SAFE said on Wednesday.

Hilde-Marit Rysst, the head of SAFE, said around 190 ExxonMobil workers could stop working on June 16 at the Ringhorne and Balder fields as they seek better pension terms for 31 workers.

“We hope that (ExxonMobil) gets the messages and takes action. All the other operators have taken responsibility and made the necessary changes,” Rysst said.

The Unions want ExxonMobil to lower the retirement age for 31 workers in an effort to provide the same coverage as with other offshore employees.

ExxonMobil has previously stated it would not discuss pensions.


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