The Texas average rig count as of April 17 was 882, representing about 50 percent of all active land rigs in the United States.

In the last 12 months, total Texas reported production was 744 million barrels of oil and 7.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

The estimated final production for February 2014 is 65,593,424 barrels of crude oil and 490,248,893 Mcf (thousand cubic feet) of gas well gas, according to the Texas Railroad Commission.

Final production numbers are derived by multiplying the preliminary February 2014 production totals of 56,057,964 barrels of crude oil and 415,923,384 Mcf of gas well gas by a production adjustment factor of 1.1701 for crude oil and 1.1787 for gas well gas. (The totals do not include casinghead gas or condensate.)

Texas natural gas storage reported for March 2014 was 133,638,911 Mcf compared to 284,985,813 Mcf in March 2013.  The April 2014 gas storage estimate is 142, 369, 123 Mcf.

The Texas Railroad Commission issued a total of 1,894 original drilling permits in March 2014 compared to 2,053 in March 2013.

The March total included 1,691 permits to drill new oil and gas wells, 52 to re-enter existing well bores, and 151 for re-completions.  Permits issued in March 2014 included 521 oil, 137 gas, 1,150 oil and gas, 71 injection, one service and 14 other permits.

Texas preliminary February 2014 crude oil production averaged 2,002,070 barrels daily, up from the 1,560,453 barrels daily average of February 2013.

The preliminary Texas crude oil production figure for February 2014 is 56,057,964 barrels, up from 43,692,693 barrels reported during February 2013.

In March 2014, operators reported 2,965 oil, 272 gas, 131 injection and 13 other completions compared to 1,391 oil, 574 gas, 61 injection and four other completions in March 2013.

Total well completions for 2014 year to date are 10,130 up from 4,955 recorded during the same period in 2013.

Operators reported 743 holes plugged and zero dry holes in March 2014 compared to 121 holes plugged and zero dry holes in March 2013.


Source: Texas Railroad Commission


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