1. Chevron

Handle: @Chevron

Followers: 174,000

Why we like it: For being one of the biggest companies on the planet, the folks behind @Chevron have been able to maintain a sense of humor. They also post some jaw-dropping pictures.

Chevron Twitter

 2. BP

Handle: @BP_plc

Followers: 1,174

Why we like it: BP breaks into the vintage photo vaults every once in a while and pulls out some gems. Amazingly it has the fewest number of followers in this list by far.

BP twitter

3. ExxonMobil

Handle: @exxonmobil

Followers: 86,500

Why we like it: ExxonMobil oscillates between the #1 and #2 spot on the Fortune 500, but they show they can keep it local.

ExxonMobil Twitter

4. Repsol

Handle: @box_repsol

Followers: 40,000

Why we like it: We’ll be honest, the beautiful pictures of motorcycles really do it for us.


5. BG Group

Handle: @BGGroup

Followers: 13,300

Why we like it: The great images and fun facts remind us why we are in the business to begin with.

BG Group



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