Image courtesy of World Breaking News via YouTube

At least 21 people were reported killed and more than 100 injured in Vietnam during violent protests against China last week.

Workers across Vietnam have been demonstrating against China moving an oil rig into waters of the South China Sea claimed by Vietnam.

“Crowds set fire to industrial parks and factories, hunted down Chinese workers and attacked police during the riots, which have spread from the south to the central part of the country following the start of the protests on Tuesday.

The violence was triggered when China moved an oil rig into an area of the South China Sea claimed by Vietnam.

More than 1,000 protesters stormed a Taiwanese-owned steel mill in Ha Tinh province Thursday in central Vietnam.

They torched buildings and hunted for Chinese employees.

Five Vietnamese workers and 16 Chinese workers were killed during factory siege.

About  90 other people were injured in the attack.

Many Chinese nationals have left Vietnam because of the violence.

“More than 600 are believed to have gone to Cambodia, while scores gathered at Ho Chi Minh airport and bought one-way tickets to Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and China,” the Guardian said.


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