The site of the explosion near Orla, Texas.

A wellhead exploded at a West Texas oil field on Wednesday, killing two workers and injuring nine others, a spokesman for the Loving County Sheriff’s Office said.

The two men, both in their 40s, were pronounced dead at the scene.

The blast occurred at around 8:30 a.m. local time near Orla, Texas, approximately 10 miles south of the New Mexico border.

The explosion rained shrapnel down on the worksite.

A work crew was installing equipment on the wellhead when a pressure buildup initiated the blast.

The explosion was heard several miles away at the Red Bluff Reservoir on the Pecos River, Sergeant Deputy Chris Busse told Reuters.

“The piping and metal blew off that thing, and it was just like shrapnel,” Busse said.

Nine other workers were injured, but all were treated at the scene after they declined to be transported to the hospital, he said.


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