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About 60 protesters from Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) demonstrated against what the group calls “bomb trains” that will bring up to 1.3 million gallons of Bakken crude to Richmond, California’s Kinder Morgan rail yard for trucking to local refineries.

Demonstrators at the Richmond railroad yards Saturday complained that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued a permit in February to Kinder Morgan for rail deliveries of Bakken crude from North Dakota, Breitbart reported Monday.

The report said the CBE activists are “the apparent front group” for the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council who sued to block operations at Kinder Morgan under the California Environmental Quality Act.

The Court has set a hearing date on July 18.

Breitbart said the private sector construction and trade union groups support the refinery operations.

A 2010 refinery shutdown during environmental litigation six weeks before Christmas cost “a substantial number of jobs,” according to Greg Feere of the Contra Costa Building Trades Union.

Andrés Soto, a lead organizer for CBE, told a local reporter that “what’s really scary is on the other side of these ‘bomb trains’ are schools and houses.”

Bradley Angel of Greenaction said it’s simple: “Crude oil should stay in the ground.”

California oil production has fallen from 1.1 million barrels a day in 1990 to about 450,000 barrels a day currently.


  1. Why do these people even get press coverage? 60 people – really. I would not be surprised if some of these were paid protesters Crude oil should stay in the ground? I wonder if Mr. Angel took a bicycle to the demonstration. But wait, bicycles take crude oil to produce. Maybe he walked. But wait, it takes crude oil to produce the shoes and clothes he wears. Why don’t these idiotic statements get challenged by the press? If the environmentalist would stop interferring with the keystone pipeline, there would be many less Bakken “bomb trains” traveling around our country.

    • John.. Totally agree. I cannot believe how unbelievably ignorant? / naive? these protesters are. I mean “Crude oil should stay in the ground.” Really? I guess Mr. Angel doesn’t need oil or ANYTHING that is made using petroleum based products. You just touched on a few of the obvious conflicts. How about the fact that California would be in the DARK, literally, for it seems figuratively, they are already in the dark if you were to infer that these people represent California’s opinions. Over 80% of California’s electricity generation is derived from Hydrocarbons. (check out this clever TV Ad done a couple of years ago..Life Without Oil: ) I wish people like these protestors would just take a little time to do a little bit of their own due diligence so they could form an “intelligent” opinion. I dont understand why everyone is up in arms now that they are transloading crude oil in Richmond in addition to the ethanol they have been unloading for years. Obviously they don’t know that Ethanol is much more flammable and prone to explode than crude oil, yet they i didn’t see these people protesting when the ethanol unloading started. They should look into all of the other chemicals and materials that move through their neighborhoods via rail For instance, all of the (TIH) Toxic Inhalation Hazard materials ( i.e. Chlorine Gas, Anhydrous Ammonia). If one of these cars were to be breached in a residential area, there could potentially be 10’s of thousands of people killed and many more injured. Check out the following study (

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