A federal grand jury in Houston Thursday indicted Philip Joseph Rivkin, a/k/a Felipe Poitan Arriaga, for offenses involving a federal renewable fuel program that allegedly netted him more than $29 million, the Justice Department said.

The 68-count indictment against Rivkin, 49, of Houston and most recently, Guatemala City, Guatemala, includes allegations of wire fraud, mail fraud, Clean Air Act false statements, and money laundering.

Rivkin was arrested Wednesday evening when he arrived in Houston from Guatemala, which had deported him earlier in the day after learning that he had fraudulently secured Guatemalan citizenship.

He allegedly used several companies he controlled to generate government credits for biodiesel that he claimed his companies produced.

The companies — Green Diesel LLC, Fuel Streamers Inc., and Petro Constructors LLC, all based in Houston — didn’t actually produce any biodiesel, the government said.

The Justice Department wants Rivkin to forfeit more than $29 million in cash, three cars including a Lamborghini, a Maserati, and a Bentley, a Canadair LTD airplane, and millions of dollars worth of artwork.


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