Alexei Miller, Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom (Image courtesy of Gazprom)

Russia’s Gazprom said Tuesday it still wants Ukraine has to pay about $2 billion for outstanding charges before Moscow will hold new talks for future gas supplies.

Gazprom cut gas supplies to Ukraine last week after a payment deadline passed.

Russia says Kiev owes more than $4 billion overall for past gas deliveries.

Despite talks among Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission that have stretched on for months, the parties haven’t found a settlement or other path forward.

The head of state-owned Gazprom, Alexei Miller, said, “Ukraine has to pay off the debts, … the outstanding debt for November and December is $1.451 billion. Ukraine also has to show progress (over a $500 million payment) for April-May,” according to a Reuters report.

Russian gas accounts for about a third of EU imports.


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