(Image courtesy of Rhein-Main-Rohrleitungstransportgesellschaft)

German police are investigating a suspected theft from a petroleum pipeline that runs between Germany and the Netherlands.

The pipeline has been closed until the investigation is completed, a company official said.

The 583 km Rhein-Main-Rohrleitungstransportgesellschaft (RMR) pipeline transports oil products from the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp refining hub to Germany.

The pipeline’s main stakeholders are Shell and BP.

Traders said the pipeline had been closed since Tuesday, when police were informed of the incident.

A statement sent to Reuters said, “We can confirm that RMR is impacted by an incident in the Cologne region…We currently expect that the affected section of our pipeline will be back in operation by Monday.”

Details on how much could have been stolen from the 250,000 bpd pipeline have not been released.

German police spokesman Christoph Gilles said the incident dated back several weeks or even months.

The police were only informed about it on Tuesday evening.


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