Image courtesy of Saudi Aramco

Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil and gas company said Tuesday emergency crews responded to an electrical fire in a transformer feeding a gas plant, with no disruption to gas supplies, the Arab News reported.

“As a precautionary measure, the Berri Gas Plant was taken off line, and it is planned to be back on line as soon as possible,” Saudi Aramco said in a statement.

The Berri gas plant includes three new gas-oil separation plants, five new and 10 upgraded offshore platforms, 35 drilling islands and a 140-megawatt co-generation plant, according to Saudi Aramco’s website.

“Saudi Aramco emphasizes that its gas supplies to the power and water plants will not be affected,” it said.

Berri was originally designed as a gas collection and compression center to process trapped gas from the Berri oil field.

The plant “has become one of the centerpieces of [Saudi Arabia’s] Master Gas System,” according to Aramco.

The plant processes gas  from the Qatif field.


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