Martin Galea, left, arrives back in Malta

A Maltese oil worker abducted by a Libyan militia 11 days ago was released Monday,

Martin Galea flew back to Malta.

He was met at the airport there by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Galea thanked the diplomatic service, the army and the Muslim community in Malta for helping win his release.

The Malta government said no ransom was paid.

Galea, 42, credited the Maltese consul in Tripoli, Marisa Farrugia, with saving his life.

He was seized on July 17 by “western Libyan rebel militias” while on his way to his company’s worksite on the outskirts of Tripoli.

Galea is a former captain in the Armed Forces of Malta.

The United States ordered its embassy in Tripoli to be evacuated three days ago because of escalating violence between rival factions, the State Department said.

An caravan of SUVs and buses with 158 Americans, including 80 U.S. Marines, left the embassy Saturday and drove west into Tunisia.


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