Courtesey of Katherine Lymn/The Dickinson Press

The shale businesses isn’t the only business that’s booming in Bakken.

Bakken branded souvenirs have surged in popularity, according to the Prairie Business.

Local retailers report that interest in Bakken branded items has soared in the last couple of years.

Some popular items include “100 Million Barrel” candy bars, shot glasses and baby onesises with slogans like “I smell something crude.”

Bakken themed coffee and snack foods with names like Frack Jacks and Shale Crunch are also hot items.

LoAnn Wegh, a marketing specialist at Dickinson Contention and Visitors Bureau which has been selling Bakken souvenirs for four years, told Prairie Business that these products are a way for oil workers to stay connected to family members in other states.

The souvenirs are also popular with tourists looking to mark their visit to the booming oil region.

Oil companies are also getting in on the Bakken branded trend, ordering souvenirs for meetings and events.


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