A state court Thursday reversed a fracking ban adopted by the voters of Longmont, Colorado.

Judge D.D. Mallard put her order on hold until the city decides whether it will appeal her ruling.

She said the state has the power to regulate fracking and not local cities and counties.

Longmont is in Boulder county.

“While the Court appreciates the Longmont citizens’ sincerely-held beliefs about risks to their health and safety, the Court does not find this is sufficient to completely devalue the State’s interest,” Mallard said.

In 2012, Longmont’s residents voted to amend the city charter to include a ban on hydraulic fracturing.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Association and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission sued to overturn the city’s ban.

Mallard said a 1992 Colorado Supreme Court case held that cities don’t have the authority to ban oil and gas drilling, although they can regulate it.

Mayor Dennis Coombs said the city is now considering its legal options.


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