A former general counsel for intellectual property at Schlumberger said the company has no evidence that she stole trade secrets, the Global Legal Post said Wednesday.

Schlumberger has accused Charlotte Rutherford of stealing trade secrets before she left the company to work for patent holding company Acacia Research Group.

Acacia recently filed a patent infringement suit against Schlumberger.

“Rutherford’s lawyers have argued that the company lacks ‘clear and specific’ evidence linking what she allegedly know about Schlumberger’s patents to Acacia’s decision to sue it for infringement,” the Global Legal Post said.

Schlumberger has said in a court filing that during an investigation of Rutherford’s departure triggered by Acacia’s infringement suit, the company discovered that “certain Schlumberger assets were not returned by Ms. Rutherford upon her departure.”

Acacia’s chief executive, Matthew Vella, told the Global Legal Post that ‘The filing against Acacia Research senior vice president, Charlotte Rutherford, by her former employer, Schlumberger Ltd., is without merit and is a bullying tactic in response to a patent infringement action brought against Schlumberger.”

“Schlumberger’s allegations are unfounded and we will vigorously defend this baseless action,” Vella said.


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