A Maltese oil worker on his way to his company’s worksite was abducted last week on the outskirts of Tripoli.

The Times of Malta said Martin Galea, 42,was seized on July 17 by “western Libyan rebel militias.”

The report said Galea is a former captain in the Armed Forces of Malta.

Maltese authorities learned about the abduction three days later.

They haven’t been able to trace his abductors or trace them, the report said.

About 60 Malta citizens have left Libya and 130 are still there, the Libya Herald said.

The United States ordered its embassy in Tripoli to be evacuated over the weekend because of escalating violence between rival factions, the State Department said.

An caravan of SUVs and buses with 158 Americans, including 80 U.S. Marines, left the embassy Saturday and drove west into Tunisia.


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