Norway’s Industri Energi union and the oil and gas producer lobby agreed on a new wage deal Sunday morning and averted a strike.

Workers still need to approve the terms.

About 6,000 workers are covered by the agreement.

They work for various companies, including Baker Hughes Norge, Oceaneering AS, Halliburton AS, Schlumberger Norge AS, Subsea 7 Norway, Technip Norge AS, Weatherford Laboratories and Welltec.

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association accepted pay raises Industri Energi’s 6,700 members who work in the oil and gas services sector.

The raise would amount to 24,000 kroner ($3,877) and will be effective by January 1, the report said.

Some adjustments would also be made to working hours.

“The oil service settlement will permit two-four tour rotas, but without changing the number of hours in a work-year,” according to a statement by Ian Hodneland, lead negotiator for the oil and gas industry group.

Union members need to approve the terms.

Industri Energi and the Norwegian Union of Energy Workers Safe had broken off talks in May and opted for mediation.

“We’ve stretched ourselves as far as we can in the mediation process, and hope Industry Energy’s members will vote for the agreed outcome,” Hodneland said.


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