A dozen North Sea oil workers who survived when a chopper ditched  in the water will receive payouts of at least £100,000 ($172,000) after the manufacturer accepted liability for the accident.

There were nineteen passengers and crew on board when the Super Puma ditched 32 miles south-west of Shetland in October 2012.

A 186-page report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch blamed a gearbox failure.

The manufacturer — Airbus Helicopters — have accepted liability.

Twelve of those on board, including five Scots, suffered injuries and trauma.

Jonathan Garcia, 34, told the Daily Record: “Barely a day goes by when I do not think of the ditching. It was incredibly traumatic.”

A separate crash in Clutha killed 10 people last November.

Four others died in a crash off Shetland last August.


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