The Njord A Platform (Image courtesy of Statoil)

Statoil announced it has resumed production at its Njord A platform in the Norwegian Sea after reinforcing the structure.

The company said it still plans to bring the platform  onshore in 2016 for further upgrades.

Production was halted in 2013 after inspections revealed structural problems.

Statoil has spent the past year making the necessary upgrade to repair and reinforce the platform.

“Njord A will produce oil and gas until the summer of 2016, after which it will be taken to shore for additional upgrades which will allow us to use the drilling system on board, and prepare it for many more good years of service on the Norwegian shelf,” Statoil said in a Statement.

Before production was stopped in 2013, the field was expected to produce 10,000 bpd and 9.4 bcm of gas per year.



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