Kisaran PSC (Image courtesy of Bukit Energy)

The exploration rights for onshore Central Sumatra, Indonesia, has been awarded to a consortium, New Zealand Oil & Gas (NZOG) said in a news release.

NZOG holds an 11.25 percent interest in the consortium.

Central Sumatra is a major Southeast Asia oil producing basin.

The MNK Kisaran PSC covers a substantial sub-basin in the same area as the conventional Kisaran PSC where the consortium partners last year successfully drilled for oil and gas.

The MNK Kisaran PSC is one of the first PSCs for unconventional oil and gas resources issued in Indonesia.

The MNK Kisaran partners are NZOG with 11.25 percent, Bukit Energy with 33.75 percent, and Pacific Oil & Gas with 55 percent.


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