Colorado Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper opposed fracking-ban.

The heated fracking debate in Colorado came to an end Monday when state Democrats, anti-fracking groups and industry supporters agreed to pull all fracking measures off the November ballot.

Democratic Representative Jared Polis, a supporter of the ban, and Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper, who feared the ban would harm Colorado’s economy, reached a compromise to kill the anti-fracking measures just hours before the signatures needed to place them on the ballot were due.

Coloradans for Safe and Clean Energy, an anti-fracking group, reached an agreement with industry proponents and both groups withdrew proposed measures from the ballot.

“We are pleased an agreement could be reached and that we can balance protections for Colorado families with responsible energy development,” Coloradans for Safe and Clean Energy spokeswoman Mara Sheldon said.

Since 2012, five Colorado towns have banned fracking.

Some of those bans are currently being challenged.

One of the measures backed by industry supporters, Initiative 121, would have barred local governments from receiving tax revenues if they banned fracking.

The measures supported by anti-fracking groups would have severely curbed fracking by increasing the distance between a drilling site and an occupied structure from 500 feet to 2,000 feet.

Hickenlooper said he would create a task force to come up with alternatives to the measures and address concerns about fracking.


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