Image courtesy of Petrobras.

Petrobras halted production at its PNA-1 platform off the coast of Rio de Janeiro after a fire broke out Wednesday and oily water spilled out of the rig.

No injuries were reported.

The blaze erupted around 12:00 p.m. EST Wednesday as technicians were welding on one of the platform’s metal beams.

On-board safety technicians quickly extinguished fire.

Petrobas’ fire brigade didn’t have to respond to the incident.

Shortly after the fire was extinguished a spill occurred from a drain line on the same platform.

In compliance with safety measures, Petrobras stopped production pending repairs to the drain line, the company said.

“The initial information from workers indicates there was a spill into the sea. Consulted by the union, Petrobras’ safety department said oily water leaked and would be controlled,” the Sindipetro NF oil workers union said.

Petrobras reported the incident to the appropriate authorities and will immediately investigate the cause of the accidents.


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