A Scottish oil executive was convicted of four charges of abusing his wife and his former girlfriend for more than 20 years.

A jury at Aberdeen Sheriff Court also found David Cox guilty of terrorising another women when she was just a child – “seizing her by the throat, striking her on the head, dragging her along the ground and threatening her with a bayonet,” the Press and Journal said.

Cox, 63, who worked for Shell, showed no remorse and instead claimed he was a victim in court.

He said he was “assumed guilty from the moment he first sat in the dock,” the Press and Journal said, and that he never stood a chance at trial.

During four days in front of the jury, his ex-girlfriend and wife gave evidence against him.

The girlfriend, Rosemary Ringwood, said she feared she would become a “battered wife.”

She said after she moved in with him in 1990’s he beat her and once grabbed her by the throat to choke her.

His 43-year-old wife Corrina cried on the witness stand when she described her husband’s attacks on her.

“Cox once pushed her from a moving vehicle after a night out, and even threw her over a bin in their kitchen while she was pregnant with their first child – blaming her for hurting the baby,” the Press and Journal said.

Cox was arrested last summer after an assault on his wife.

She left him after the arrest.

After the guilty verdict, she said “justice had prevailed.”

But Cox said he had been wrongfully found guilty of attacks he considered to be “abhorrent,” the Press and Journal reported.


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