Image courtesy of Ole Jørgen Bratland/ Statoil.

Norway’s Statoil and Alberta-based upstream PetroFrontier drilled dry at the OzBeta-1 onshore well in Northern Territory, Australia.

PetroFrontier said Wednesday that 5,544 cubic feet of water was produced “with no measurable volume of hydrocarbons.”

The well was spudded on April 10 and was perforated over a 10 foot interval within the Arthur Creek Hot Shale from 4,419 to 4,429 feet depth.

A small water based hydraulic stimulation was successfully completed and a total of 4,838 cubic feet of water and 14.1 tons of sand were pumped into the well.

Testing operations utilizing a coiled tubing conveyed jet pump were then carried out.

Statoil, the operator of the well, said OzBeta-1 will be abandoned.

“These results are disappointing and technically challenging considering the positive hydrocarbon indicators measured while drilling and subsequently derived from log data,” PetroFrontier said.

Statoil said it will proceed with completion and testing operations at the OzDelta-1 well, now considered to be the technically preferred location over the OzAlpha-1 location previously announced.


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