Image courtesy of N. Aditya Madhav/Wikimedia Commons.

The North Dakota Petroleum Council (NCPC) determined that Bakken crude is not more dangerous to transport than other types of crude.

The NCPC issued its final report on the characteristics of Bakken crude and best practices Tuesday.

The study was promoted by concerns raised by government and industry groups about the safety and stability of Bakken crude during transport.

The NCPC concluded that Bakken crude is similar to other types of North American light, sweet crude and is not more volatile or flammable than other crude.

The report also establishes a quality baseline for Bakken crude and recommends best practices for classifying and transporting it.

“The study helped establish a baseline for Bakken crude characteristics, and by implementing the recommended best practices outlined in the report, we will ensure Bakken crude remains consistent to those properties,” Vice-President of NDPC Kari Cutting said.

The study was commissioned by the NCPC and carried out by Dallas-based Turner, Mason & Co and Switzerland-based SGS Laboratories.


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