The In Amenas gas facility. Image courtesy of Kjetil Alsvik /Statoil.

An inquest at London’s Royal Courts of Justice is uncovering more details about the 2013 attack on the BP gas facility in Algeria and found that one of the facility’s crew members headbutted a terrorist during the attack.

Kenneth Whiteside, 59 and from Scotland, headbutted a terrorist before being overpowered, the International Business Times said.

Whiteside was later killed during the incident.

The Tigantourine gas facility was attacked on January 16, 2013 by a group of 34 armed men who were a part of an al Qaeda affiliate group called “Signed-in-Blood Battalion.”

At least 40 workers were killed during the attack.

The terrorists held hundreds of people hostage at the facility for four days before the Algerian military staged a rescue operation.

At least 23 workers and 32 Islamic militants were killed during the rescue operation.

The Tigantourine gas facility is about 25 miles southwest of In Amenas near the Libyan border and about 800 miles southeast of Algiers.

BP operates the gas field with Algeria’s state-owned Sonatrach and Norway’s Statoil.

BP is fully cooperating with the inquest.

In August, Statoil and BP decided to resume ordinary operations at the facility after implementing new security measures.


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