Image courtesy of Roc Oil.

Australia-based Roc Oil said the first of two planned exploration wells in China’s Beibu Gulf encountered pay in the Jiaowei formation but drilled dry in the Weizhou formation.

The WZ12-10-1 well is located in block 22/12 and was drilled to a total depth of 4,612 feet.

The well discovered oil in the very top of the Jiaowei formation over an interval of 18 feet, with a high porosity net oil pay of 13.7 feet.

A sidetrack well, WZ12-10-1Sa, was then drilled with a 1,115 feet eastern step out to a total depth of 4,150 feet.

WZ12-10-1Sa also confirmed oil in the very top of the Jiaowei formation with a thicker net oil pay of 18 feet.

Wireline evaluation data confirmed the oil pay in Jiaowei reservoir.

The well was plugged and abandoned on September 27.

WZ12-10-1 is located approximately three miles northeast of the existing WZ12-8W Platform and about two miles west of the WZ12-8E discovery wells.

Roc Oil said the discovery will be evaluated to determine how best to integrate it into the company’s Beibu Project.

Rig HYSY 935 will be moved to the WZ12-10-2 exploration location to drill the second and final well in this program.

“This oil discovery adds potentially valuable incremental oil to the Beibu project. The location of the oil discovery allows ROC and the joint venture to evaluate alternative development scenarios, particularly integration with the Beibu WZ12-8E oil discovery,” Roc Oil CEO Alan Linn.

Roc Oil operates the block and holds a 40 percent stake. Australia-based companies Horizon Oil holds a 30 percent stake, Petsec Energy holds a 25 percent stake, First Australian Resources holds a five percent stake.


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