The Kvitebjørn gas condensate field. Image courtesy of Øyvind Hagen/Statoil.

A new compressor in operation at Statoil’s Kvitebjørn field in the North Sea will increase production at the site by 220 million barrels of oil equivalent and extend the field’s lifespan by eight years.

The compressor went online last Wednesday and will boost the recovery rate from 55 percent to 70 percent as well as accelerating production at the gas-condensate field.

The field’s lifespan was initially projected to end in 2027 but is now projected to end in 2035.

Production started in 2004.

“Increased production and extended lifetime for the field also provides increased ripple effects across the entire value chain,,” senior vice president for operations in development and production for Norway Kjetil Hove said.

The new compressor alleviates a gradual decline in reservoir pressure at the field by lowering the pressure on the platform, increasing production.

The compressor module was built by Norway-based Rosenberg Worley Parson Group.

The 1,000 ton module was lifted into position during the summer of 2013.

This is the first phase of pre-compression on Kvitebjørn. Space has been left in the new module for a second pre-compression phase.

The Kvitebjørn gas and condensate field is in block 34/11, east of Gullfaks in the Norwegian North Sea.

Norway-based Statoil expects to recover about 19 trillion cubic feet of gas and about 777 million cubic feet of condensate from the field.


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