Sean Anderson, 43, fell from the BP Unity platform and died.

BP confirmed Friday that 43 year old Sean Anderson, a scaffolder and rope access technician, was the worker who died at the BP Unity platform in the UK portion of the North Sea last week.

Anderson was an employee of UK-based services company Cape. He was part of a crew who were carrying out routine maintenance on the normally unmanned riser.

Anderson fell to his death on September 4.

The cause of the accident has not been determined.

Police in Aberdeen, Scotland said they were altered to the accident on September 4 around 4:10 p.m.

BP and Cape are working with the Scotland Police, the UK Health and Safety Executive, and other relevant organizations to investigate the accident and provide support to Anderson’s relatives and co-workers.

“We remain shocked and saddened by what happened yesterday. Our thoughts are with Sean’s family whom we will support in any way we can,” Cape’s UK managing director Simon Hicks said.

Hicks said Anderson was a popular, hard working and experienced worker.

“His co-workers are obviously shaken and saddened by the incident and we are making sure they too have all the support they need,” Hicks said.

The platform is usually unmanned and is located in the Forties field about 110 miles east of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The platform does not produce oil but is part of the BP operated Forties Pipeline System that transports oil and gas from offshore and onshore fields to processing plants in Scotland.

Unity is a riser platform that ties connections from the Bruce, Scott, Nelson, Britannia and Graben area oil and gas fields into the Forties pipeline.

BP is the sole operator and owner of the Unity.


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