Part of the Forties Pipeline System. Image courtesy of BP.

A worker with UK services company Cape fell off the BP Unity platform in the UK North Sea and died early Thursday morning.

Aberdeen police were notified of the incident around 4:30 a.m. Thursday and have launched an investigation into the death.

The worker’s name has not been released.

The worker was part of a team carrying out routine maintenance on the platform.

Cape and BP confirmed the incident in separate statements.

BP and Cape said they are working with Scotland police officials and the UK Health and Safety Executive to investigate the incident.

The platform is usually unmanned and is located in the Forties field about 110 miles east of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The platform does not produce oil but is part of the BP operated Forties Pipeline System that transports oil and gas from offshore and onshore fields to processing plants in Scotland.

Unity is a riser platform that ties connections from the Bruce, Scott, Nelson, Britannia and Graben area oil and gas fields into the Forties pipeline.

BP is the sole operator and owner of the Unity.


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