Image courtesy of Royal Dutch Shell.

Production started up Wednesday at the Royal Dutch Shell operated Gumusut-Kakap floating platform off the coast of Malaysia.

The Gumusut-Kakap field is located in water depths of up to 3,900 feet deep.

The platform is expected to reach an annual peak oil production of around 135,000 barrels a day.

With oil production now under way, work on the gas injection facilities is continuing and is expected to start up in 2015.

The platform was built in Malaysia by Malaysian Marine and Heavy Engineering and has four decks that cover nearly 430,556 square feet.

Oil from the platform is transported a 124 long pipeline through the Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal to an onshore site at Kimanis, Malaysia.

Shell holds a 33 percent stake and operatorship. Houston-based ConocoPhillips holds a 33 percent stake, Malaysia’s Petronas holds a 20 percent stake and Malaysia-based Murphy Sabah Oil holds a 14 percent stake.


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