Image courtesy of Ed Schipul/Flickr.

Robbins & Myers Belgium, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Texas-based Robbins & Myers, pleaded guilty Thursday to illegally exporting oil extraction equipment made from U.S. steel to customers operating in Syrian oil fields in 2006.

The engineering company pleaded guilty to four counts of violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Export Administration Regulations.

As part of its plea agreement Robbins & Myers Belgium agreed to pay a total of $1 million in criminal fines, $250,000 for each violation.

The company also has to serve a term of corporate probation.

Robbins & Myers Belgium received $31,716 in gross proceeds from the four illegal export transactions.

As part of its plea agreement, Robbins & Myers Belgium has forfeited the entire $31,716 to the government.

The company also entered into a civil settlement with the Department of Commerce requiring it to pay $600,000 in civil penalties.

The fines, penalties and forfeitures amount to more than 50 times the proceeds Robbins & Myers received from the exports.

“The Department of Justice will hit companies that do business with Syria where it hurts most: the bottom line,” U.S. Attorney Machen said.


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