The Sunrise 689. Image courtesy of VNExpress.

A Vietnamese oil tanker hijacked by pirates last week after leaving Singapore has been recovered.

Two of the vessel’s 18 member crew were injured.

One of the sailors was beaten by the pirates and suffered a broken leg, the vessel’s owner Hai Phong Sea said.

The injuries sustained by the other crew member have not been disclosed.

The pirates took more than 5,000 tons of gas oil being transported by the vessel.

The tanker was carrying 5,225 tons of gas oil, a type of fuel distilled from petroleum.

Vietnam’s coast guard recovered the Sunrise 689 Thursday after it was released by the pirates.

It had been missing for ten days.

The Sunrise 689 vanished 115 nautical miles off the coast of Singapore and is now expected to arrive in Vietnam early Wednesday, AP said.

The vessel’s communication equipment was destroyed.

The coast guard is escorting the Sunrise 689 to Phu Quoc island, an island 22 nautical miles of Vietnam’s south west coast.

The pirates were not captured.

The hijacking is at least the twelfth such case reported since April in Southeast Asia.


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