Image courtesy of Vladimir Platonow/Wikimedia Commons.

Calgary-based Alvopetro Energy said Monday its 197(2) well in Bahia, Brazil discovered a natural gas pay zone in the Reconcavo Basin.

The well, located in block 197, reached a total depth of 5,475 feet and encountered a 255 foot potential net natural gas column, with an average 33 percent water saturation and an average porosity of 12 percent using an 8 percent porosity cut off.

The find is the company’s second discovery in block 197.

The well has been cased and cemented.

Alvopetro plans to start a testing program on 197(2) in early 2015, subject to regulatory approvals and equipment availability.

Additional technical work and testing is required to determine the extent, if any, of potential commercial hydrocarbons at the well.

“This successful result is a significant milestone for a natural gas business in Bahia and supports our additional natural gas exploration prospects and our broader plans to develop the extensive Gomo natural gas potential we have discovered in our 197(1) and 183(1) wells drilled earlier this year,” Alvopetro said.

In August, Alvopetrol’s well 197(1) flow tested at an average rate of 40,000 cubic feet per day with no water on an unstimulated basis.

The well was shut in to measure reservoir pressure and obtain pressure build up data.

The company plans to complete and test well 183(1) in early 2015.


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