Canadian foreign minister John Baird. Image courtesy of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada/Flickr.

Canada imposed a new round of sanctions against Russia’s energy sector Friday in an effort to pressure the Kremlin to cut its funding of separatist militants in Ukraine.

The sanctions will further restrict the export of oil and gas technology to Russia, mirroring similar actions taken by the United States and Europe earlier this year.

The export of iron pipes, steel pipes, rock drilling tools, drilling derricks and production platforms to Russia are now restricted, the Wall Street Journal said.

Canada’s foreign ministry also imposed travel bans against 20 Russian and Ukrainian individuals thought to be involved with the Kremlin supported separatist movement.

Foreign affairs minister John Baird said Canada is imposing sanctions because there is a “militaristic leader in the Kremlin who has single-handedly tried to redraw the borders of Europe.”

Last Friday, the United States and European Union adopted new restrictions banning the export and import of goods, services and technology from Crimea.

In September, the U.S. and EU tightened financial sanctions against Russian oil companies including Rosneft, Gazprom and pipeline operator Transneft that would prohibit the companies from receiving bank loans with a maturity date longer than 30 days.

Exports of technology and equipment for deepwater exploration and production to Russia was already barred by previous sanctions along with the exploitation of oil and gas resources in the Russian Arctic and at onshore shale plays.

Russian gas giant Gazprom is gearing up to fight the EU sanctions against it in court.


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