A pipeline owned by Colombia’s Ecopetrol was bombed for the second time in less than week Friday and will remain shutdown for repairs.

The Cano Limon oil pipeline has been closed since November 26 after a bomb damaged a section that runs through the Boyaca province.

Last Friday, the 458 mile long pipeline was bombed again, this time at a section that runs through the Arauca province near Venezuela’s border.

No oil spills or injuries were reported.

Repairs were initially projected to be complete over the weekend but the second bombing has delayed the pipeline’s reopening, Reuters said.

Ecopetrol has not disclosed when it expects repairs to be complete.

No suspects have been named although similar attacks have been carried out by the leftist militant groups FARC and ELN.

The Cano Limon pipeline has a capacity of 220,000 barrels per day and transports products for Ecopetrol and other companies operating in Colombia including Houston-based Occidental Petroleum.


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