Image courtesy of Enbridge.

Enbridge shut down a Michigan pipeline Wednesday after a “pinhole” sized defect caused 1,350 barrels of oil to spill at the Regina Terminal in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The pipeline was safely shut down and isolated as soon as the release was confirmed.

“Assessments have confirmed that the release occurred entirely within the facility, and that all product is contained on-site in designated catchment areas,” Enbridge said.

Michigan attorney general Bill Schuette said Tuesday the pinhole sized defect was found in a portion of the pipeline that runs through the state’s Upper Peninsula.

Enbridge is excavating the line around the pump house but has not provided a repair timetable.

The company said there has been no environmental impact from the release.

Response crews are on site at the terminal and the company expects cleanup to be completed sometime Friday, Enbridge said.

Line 4 carries heavy, medium and light sour crude from Edmonton, Alberta, to Superior, Wisconsin and has a capacity of 796,000 barrels per day.

Toronto-based Enbridge has not disclosed when the pipeline is expected to restart operations.

On Friday the company will meet with Canada’s National Energy Board to discuss when the pipeline can be put back on line, the Financial Post said.

The rest of the company’s pipeline system is operating normally.

An investigation into the release is currently being conducted.

Enbridge is working with shipper clients to mitigate any impact on deliveries.

“We are committed to the goal of reaching zero spills and will thoroughly investigate the incident for lessons learned,” Enbridge said.


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