The Buchan Alpha platform. Image courtesy of psmith/Trawler Photos.

Taisman Sinopec Energy UK shut down its Buchan Alpha platform in the North Sea Wednesday ahead of a sever winter storm.

Buchan Alpha is a floating production installment that delivers fewer than 5,000 barrels of oil per day to the Forties crude system, Reuters said.

The company, a joint venture between Calgary-based Talisman and China’s Sinopec, evacuated 61 non-essential personnel to an installation in Aberdeen, Scotland until the storm passes.

A team of 15 remains on board the Buchan although production has been shut down.

The British government has warned Scotland to expect “exceptionally large waves” of up to 40 feet in some areas of the North Sea.

Buchan Alpha can not operate when waves are above 22 feet for a sustained period.

“It’s not unusual, it happens about three to four times a year,” the UK Health and Safety Executive said.

Talisman Sinopec has not disclosed when it expects the platform to resume production.


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