Image courtesy of Gulfsands Petroleum.

Gulfsands Petroleum discovered an “excellent quality” gas bearing reservoir Tuesday at its onshore Dardara Southeast 1 well in northern Morocco.

The Dardara Southeast 1 well was drilled to a total measured depth of 3,782 feet and encountered the primary reservoir target interval at a depth of 2,870 feet.

Significant elevated gas readings obtained while drilling along with geological samples and wireline logs “indicate the presence of a gas bearing sandstone reservoir section of excellent quality,” UK-based Gulfsands said.

Detailed petrophysical evaluation of DRC-1 wireline logs indicates a 173 foot gross thickness reservoir sand between measured depths of 2,870 to 3,044 feet.

The pay zone has a net gas bearing sand thickness of about 52 feet with evaluated average gas saturation of 68 percent and average porosity of 34 percent.

A gas-water contact has been observed in the well at 2,936 feet of measured depth.

The discovery is the second consecutive successful gas exploration well at the Rharb Center permit.

DRC-1 will be suspended as a future gas production well.

Gulfsands said the DRC-1 well result indicate “substantial additional gas exploration potential…in an adjacent and up dip fault block” that the company will target during 2015.


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