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BG Group said Monday that it drilled dry at wildcat wells 34/3-4 S and 34/3-4 A in the Norwegian North Sea.

The wells, located in production license 373 S, were drilled about three miles east of the Knarr field in the northern part of the North Sea.

The purpose of wildcat well 34/3-4 S was to investigate a large channel system in reservoir rocks in the Pleistocene formation.

The well was drilled to 5,272 feet and encountered a 820 foot thick channel system, with about 164 feet begin “very good” reservoir quality, UK-based BG Group said.

Traces of gas were also encountered in two thin sandstone layers.

The well was terminated in the Hordaland group in the Miocene formation.

The purpose of well 34/3-4 A was to prove petroleum in lower Jurassic reservoir rocks in the Cook formation.

Well 34/3-4 A was drilled to 14,878 feet and encountered about 360 feet of the Cook formation, with 173 feet being sandstone with “good” reservoir quality and traces of gas.

The well was terminated in the Amundsen formation in the Lower Jurassic.

Data sampling and acquisition have been carried out in both wells.

Both wells have been classified as dry.

Wildcat wells 34/3-4 S and 34/3-4 A are the fifth and sixth exploration wells in production licence 373 S.

The wells will now be permanently plugged and abandoned.

Wells 34/3-4 S and 34/3-4 A were drilled by the Transocean Searcher drilling facility.

The rig will now move on to drill wildcat well 34/3-5 S in the same production licence.


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