Image courtesy of the North Strabane Township Fire Department.

A fire at a Range Resources operated gas well in Pennsylvania was extinguished Wednesday with no reports of injuries.

The blaze started around 5 pm. Wednesday at the Jeffries drilling site in North Strabane Township and was promptly extinguished by local firefighters.

Nearby residents were able to stay in their homes.

Forth Worth-based Range Resources said the well did not catch fire.

Officials believe that engine oil leaked from a piece of machinery and caught fire along with some plastic ground liners, CBS Pittsburgh said.

“That piece of equipment ruptured. There was a failure and it discharged some of that lubricant. That ignited and caught fire at the location. The well itself was not on fire and not a cause of concern,” a Range Resources spokesman said.

Range Resources is working with regulators and emergency responders to investigate the incident.

“These investigations can take weeks or months in some instances to fully recognize what exactly occurred,” Range Resources said.


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